About Us

Same Day Loans is a finance and credit business that has been operating since 2004. Well established in the field of short term credit, we’ve helped thousands of satisfied customers with Payday loans and other financial services. Our philosophy is to assist those who are in need through responsible practices and great customer service.

While other PayDay lenders have tended to be fly-by-night operations that squeezed every penny out of their customers, we took a different approach. We saw establishing strong, positive relationship with our customers as keep to ensuring we succeeded where others failed. It was that approach which led us from our humble roots in 2004 to our position as one of the largest payday loan companies on the internet today. While other companies that were out for a quick buck have failed, our unique model has ensured that Same Day Loans remains strong today.

One of the key differences between Same Day Loans and our competitors is our dedication to great customer service. We know the problems that customers have with other lenders – they often tell us when they seek our help. While other payday loan companies bombard you with telephone calls trying to sell you products for years and years after you filled in their online forms, we promise that there will be no sales phone calls. While other companies make you fax in a signed application form, we realise that no one has fax machines any more and operate a completely online service for those who prefer this.

As we focus on online applications, we are open every single day of the year – even bank holidays. We don’t close for weekends either, so whenever you’re in need of money we can help. Our application form takes roughly a minute, or sixty seconds, to complete. We don’t charge you any hidden extras while you complete it or as part of our service, and you could borrow between as little as £100 and as much as £2000.

We’re run by a close knit team of dedicated professionals, each specialising in their own area of expertise. While their skillets are diverse, they come together to form a formidable team that will ensure you great a great deal on your credit needs and receive great customer service throughout the process.

If you’re interested in forming a business partnership with us, you’ll be please to hear that we’re always looking for ways that we can interact and partner with the wider finance and business community. We have our own affiliate programme that allows websites to partner with us to earn commission on our products and services. We also look for other partnerships that can be mutually beneficial for our businesses – if you’ve got an idea or suggestion contact either our business development or marketing teams.

Please note that we currently only provide finance services for residents of England and Wales. If you are outside of these countries we sadly won’t be able to provide any financial services to you.

If you have any queries about us or any aspect of our business then feel free to contact us with your questions. Our dedicated customer support service works round the clock to answer customer queries and enquiries.