If you would like the opportunity to sell the same loans we sell through your website or on another platform then look no further. Our affiliate program provides you with just that – all of the patented technology of our loan selling software installed on your website along with all of the customer support, compliance and other business support services we use. This makes it really easy for you to monetize a website in the consumer credit or personal finance space, without needing to perform all of the business functions a loans company will have to take care of behind the scenes. All you need to do is integrate our technology into your website and then continue to drive traffic to it. After that, we pay out commissions on a month by month basis depending on the number of borrowers you refer.

There are no fees for signing up to the affiliate program and, in fact, technical support for the set up is provided free of charge to one and all. In other words, the only cost to being able to sell loans through us are those you should be paying already – hosting, domain and marketing are all you need in order to make money through this service. We employ staff to work around the clock, ensuring that all customers are satisfied and that the service remains complaint with the law of England and Wales. And we do all of this so that you don’t have to.

To become an affiliate either contact us by email or contact Pingree through the form on their website. Full instructions for set up will be made available as well as a user interface for monitoring your earnings as they come in. The whole system is created to be as easy to use as we can make it and no technical knowledge is necessary to do so.

The amount that you will earn as one of our affiliates depends entirely on the way that you promote the service. You are allowed to use pay per click, SMS and email marketing with this program giving you every opportunity to promote the service online and offline. Organic search engine marketing is also popular and we allow you to set the service up on multiple sites, allowing you to target any number of keyword niches. No advice is provided on this matter, however, and with being an affiliate the main difference between someone who earns a lot from the program and someone who doesn’t is the amount of effort they put into marketing.

Pay day loans products are known for paying higher commissions to affiliates than many other similar programs and while we’re offering the opportunity to sign up for free there’s no risk in trying the program out. If it converts well in your niche then you can focus more resources on promoting it and if not then you haven’t lost anything. Our highest earning affiliates are making a lot of money and with work we know that you can too!