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Am I Eligible

Each lender on our lending platform will have different eligibility criteria and we cannot comment on those, however the most basic eligibility criteria for one of our lender’s loans is that you are aged 18 and above and are a resident of England or Wales.

Moreover, in order to be able to process your loan, the lender require that you have a bank account with all of the ordinary functions including the ability to make electronic payments.

Without this they will be unable either to send you the money or to receive it back from you.

Another minimum criterion is that you are employed or receive an income of some kind. As part of the application you will therefore be asked to give detail of your employment including your employer’s name and address and give detail of your monthly income. The amount that you will be permitted to borrow will largely depend on your circumstances and the amount you earn, making it crucial that you state this figure truthfully and without exaggeration. To exaggerate on this part of the form would constitute fraud, which is a criminal offence.