Am I Eligible

The most basic eligibility criteria for one of our loans is that you are aged 18 and above and are a resident of England or Wales. We are only legally able to sell loans to those who are adults and under the law of these two countries within the United Kingdom. Moreover, in order to be able to process your loan we require that you have a bank account with all of the ordinary functions including the ability to make electronic payments. Without this we will be unable either to send you the money or to receive it back from you.

Pay day loans are provided only to those who receive a pay day or, in other words, who are employed. As part of your application you will therefore be asked to give us your employment details including your employer’s company name and address and give an estimate of your monthly income. Pay day loans cannot, by definition, be made available to those who are full-time students or who are unemployed. The amount that you will be permitted to borrow will depend on the amount you earn making it crucial that you state this figure truthfully and without exaggeration. To exaggerate on this part of the form would constitute fraud which is a criminal offence in this jurisdiction.

Many customers want to know whether or not they are eligible, even though they have a bad credit rating. One of the things that sets our loans apart is that they are made available without any credit check at all. This means that those who may have a bad credit rating are just as eligible as those without. The reason we can do this is because a pay day loan is provided on the basis of your current income rather than because of your track record at repaying loans. Plus, we only loan relatively small amounts (less than £1000) and for short periods of time (under a month).

Others have seen the recent spate of home owner and log book loans and are wondering whether or not they need to own any assets in order to borrow through this website. Thankfully, pay day loans are always unsecured and do not require you to own anything so that those who are currently renting or who do not own their own home are just as eligible as anyone else.

If you are still unsure whether or not you are eligible for taking our a loan through this website then provided you meet all of the criteria above there is no harm in you applying. There is no charge for submitting an application and the worst that can happen is that you are turned down, so why not try it! The majority of our applicants are accepted making it likely that you will receive a loan if you apply. Pay day loans are well known for turning down few people because the terms of the loan allow them to lend to a wider variety than some loan companies.