Data Protection

When you take out a loan the process will almost always involve handing over sensitive information such as your personal, bank and employment details. This requires that you put your trust in the company you are dealing with, to some degree. We are well aware of the trust our customers place in us and are careful to live up to their high standards. Both the UK government and Europe as a whole have a rigorous set of laws when it comes to how companies should handle the data of their customers and we are proactive in ensuring that we comply with these rules. They include guidelines for how to keep your data securely, encrypting it from the moment that you enter it into our application form to the point when it is stored on our servers.

Furthermore, our company has a strict policy on neither selling nor giving your information away to anyone unless you have given us express permission or we are required to by law. Any data that you hand over to us is used only for the purpose of providing you with a service that you have requested unless we ask for further permission. This is not only a legal requirement but a part of the way we operate as a company from the bottom up.

We are not unusual in this regard and the whole consumer credit industry is one that is highly conscious of the liabilities implied by handling such sensitive data. It is an industry in which the customer data that is often held is more sensitive than in a lot of other industries and so the industry standard security measures tend to be far more robust. The legal requirements are that that we protect your data from accidental loss or damage as well as from security breaches and we go out of our way to ensure that this is done to a high standard.

Another aspect of data protection law is that we are required to delete the data when it is no longer legitimately in use. This means that we are allowed to keep your data only for as long as it takes to provide you with a service before it must be securely erased. If you are no longer a customer of ours but are worried that we still possess your data then you are within your legal rights to request a copy of all information that we have about you and to request that this information be deleted.

If you would like more reassurance as to the security of your data when yous send it to us then feel free to talk it through with one of our customer support officers. They are available all hours of the day and night and will be happy to talk to you about this or any other issue that is on your mind. You can contact them by email or on the phone although most of our customers prefer to use email as this is generally more time efficient and doesn’t involve queuing.