With any company in the financial services or consumer credit industries, security has to be a top priority. As such, we always take every precaution to make sure that you are protected from identity fraud and other forms of cyber crime. For instance, we encrypt your information from the moment you enter it into the form to the point when it is stored on our secure servers. Moreover, we are fully compliant with both UK law and industry standards when it comes to keeping your data secure and making sure that we are able to operate without any interruption.

In order to make sure that this is the case we operate a full time compliance department who continually check to make sure that we are in line with the law in this regard. If, however, you still need reassurance as to the security of our computer systems then feel free to give us a call or to write us an email and we will do our best to provide you with the information that you need.

People who do not use the internet regularly and who are not used to using it for e-commerce transactions may find the idea of handing over their card details to a company they have not previously heard of difficult. Technology has progressed faster than some people are able to catch up with and this all still seems strange to them. At the same time, however, we are far from outside of the mainstream by offering loans via an online platform. Most of the biggest banks in the UK now offer many of their services online and this is understandable when you think of how many benefits there are to conducting business in this way.

For one, finding a loans broker online means that you have the opportunity to look at a broader range of companies than you would find advertised on the television or in a bricks and mortar shop on the high street. This gives those with a poor credit rating a better chance of being able to obtain the credit that they need in order to get by. You may also be able to obtain a better rate than you would be able to receive offline, simply by being able to compare a greater number of competitors. If you are struggling to find a loan then nowadays going online is probably the best bet for you providing you with the ability to find and compare a large number of providers very quickly.

The most important difference, however, is probably the convenience factor. Whilst companies who operate mainly by phone might require you to fax signatures or do other inconvenient things before you get your money, an internet loans broker enables you to find credit without even leaving the house. It is possible to complete and send off your application form in just 2 minutes (we’ve timed it!) and from then it can be as little as two hours before the money arrives in your account on weekdays.