Over the course of an average month it is not unusual that we receive a number of customer testimonials, talking about how satisfied they are with the loan they have been given and the professionalism of our customer facing staff. When a customer is in desperate need of a loan and they find that the money arrives within just two hours of first seeing our name they are typically very pleased. Furthermore, as we are one of the few loan brokers who can provide loans on bank holidays we are often the only place that people feel they can turn to.

Another reason our customers are typically pleased with our service is the fact that we do not require any checks. Pay day loans are generally granted on the basis of the employment information that you have provided rather than your credit record. As such, many people who have been turned down elsewhere and who would otherwise have on source of credit at all are pleased to be able to take out a loan through our website. Moreover, not asking for credit checks means that our application process instantly becomes quicker, reducing the time between you filling in the form and getting the money in your account.

There are some companies advertising themselves within the UK, many of them illegal, who ask for an application fee and then run away before providing you with a loan. Typically, these people operate by cold calling potential marks on the phone. Our company, however, will never ask for a fee from a customer before they have received their loan and only generally charges interest plus additional fees for late or missed payments. This is, for us, a part of what it means to be an ethical and responsible lender.

If you are one of the many customers who has a positive testimonial about our company then why not write to us? We are always keen to hear new feedback from those who have dealt with us so that we can help provide information about the service we offer to new customers. And, if you are one of the small number of people who have had a bad experience with us then please let us know as soon as possible. Our reputation depends on our ability to produce happy customers and on the rare occasions when we make a mistake we are always keen to rectify it right away.

The easiest way to contact us is to use the contact form available on this site. This will automatically send an email to one of our members of staff who will read it and respond appropriately. If you are intending to leave a testimonial then please make sure that you add a line giving us permission to use your feedback in our marketing materials. Then we might use your feedback on our website or in a brochure or somewhere else. We would be glad to hear from you, whatever you want to say to us.